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Welcome to the 8th

We're about Community, Friendship & Good Times

The primary goal of our fleets is to enhance the game play experience of our members; ranging from new player orientation to advanced game mechanics for more experienced players. We welcome all manner of players from Role players to casual players.

We have a strong social emphasis, to help strengthen our community and one another.

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smokey 420 Ganjafarmer added a new comment in The Great Seal of the 8th Wing Tactical Command Fleet
  Shawn: Season 14 releasing on Oct. 3
  Shawn: Bonus Marks Weekend!
  Shawn: Star Trek TOS 51 Years ago
  Shawn: Promotion Ceremony Weekend coming up!
  @Azselendor: Happy Labor Day!
  JOKEMAX: Many Happy returns ,shawn
  smokey 420 Ganjafarmer: Happy birthday Shawn
  Hawkshade: Hey Guys it's the Hawkshade. Work and school has me busier than I thought. I am going to have to ake an extended LOA and right now my desktop is at home and not at the farm where I am currently staying so I cannot add a note to my toons
  T'trill: Cool beans shawn.
  Shawn: and hey! my birthday is coming up, 28th! lol
  Shawn: Great community fleeties, cummulative efforts
  Shawn: T5 Upgrade project Available Academy Starbase
  Hawkshade: Love my Fleeties!
  Shawn: Bonus Marks weekend coming!
  Tesha: wut up muh fleeties?
  Hawkshade: Just wanted to say, Best Fleet in the 'Verse
  @Azselendor: No worries Morgan, take care of yourself and we'll be here waiting for you! Hope you get better soon!
  Morgan Bateson: Guys sorry I'm gone had to sell my ox due to clinical reasons probably be next year before I'm vack
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