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Maou@pendragonjwr / Dec 09, 2017
Winter Wonderland, 8th Wing Armada notes

So Winter is here!!!

Notes on the main race. I'm speaking about the one that earns you Winter Prize Vouchers. These are used as the currency for the Winter Event Tier 6 Ship.

Start by speaking to the Breen next to Q. “The Fastest Game on Ice”
If there are a number of players waiting at the start point, please form a line, and use this method to avoid disqualifying yourselves or others. Our manual queue starts at the arch just past the bridge over the race way.

Use sprint to run as fast as you can, aim for the inside of each curve. If you go out of bounds on the outside of the curve you will be disqualified, but not if you go outside of bounds on the inside of the curve. Control sliding off the track by aiming back onto the track and pressing “w w” this will roll you back on and you can continue to race.

Now that we know how to win the race, we need to mention that you only want to do this for your main character. Slot the project in the Event Reputations to claim the ship, and fill it with 1000 of these Vouchers. In other words, it will take 25 days to grind out the needed photos for the first character, this is now an account wide unlock, go to the Event Reputation Store and Reclaim for all your characters.

OPEN the winter store in the Event Reputations menu for all your characters and GET Frosted Boots for all your characters. There are some other useful items available here.

Item Give-aways to be held Tomorrow, Sunday the 10th. Be on the lookout for that event.

Currently taking suggestions on the modification or inclusion for our fleet system. Up for review – All aspects and any suggestions will be taken into account. Use in game email to type up your suggestion and send it to any leader you wish. Or use the Feedback Forum Posts on our site.

We hope you are all having a wonderful game folks.
Armada Admiralty.
Azselendor / Nov 19, 2017

A special congratulations to the 8th Wing Fleets and all of its members. Today we announce the promotions and recognition of our members for their service to community and friendship.

Promotion to Fleet Commander [R2]
  • Edisson // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Elvin Bransor // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Hidak // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • Rusea // House of the 8th Ja'Duch

Promotion to Fleet Captain [R3]
  • Raman // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Shh'on // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Xihkius // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Kalendra // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Jacques // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Sael'etah // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Baalen // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Zoey // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Venom // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • T'Ral // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • Sheppard // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • McPherson // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • Max Graves // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • 1 of 3 // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • Vex // 8th Wing Tactical Rangers

Promotion to Fleet Rear Admiral [R4]
  • Bhini Bhaji // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Morgan Bateson // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Groushrr // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Haughty // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Avonu // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • Kost // House of the 8th Ja'Duch
  • Vixi // House of the 8th Ja'Duch

Promotion to Fleet Brigadier [R5]
  • Joona'k // House of the 8th Ja'Duch
Azselendor / Oct 22, 2017

A special congratulations to the 8th Wing Fleets and all of its members. Today we announce the promotions and recognition of our members for their service to community and friendship.

Promotion to Fleet Commander [R2]
  • Yosicuro // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • KingOftheSkullz // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Animaeus // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Jidzay // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Ti'ina // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Zoey // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Katrinx // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • Max Graves // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • Darren // 8th Wing Tactical Academy
  • Tazerface // House of the 8th Ja'Duch
  • HessStiss // House of the 8th Ja'Duch
  • Kost // House of the 8th Ja'Duch
  • Six of Six // House of the 8th Ja'Duch
  • Ti'shika // House of the 8th Ja'Duch

Promotion to Fleet Captain [R3]
  • ja ja // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Plumley // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Shimbow Aralen // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • A'bez // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Ryyarn // 8th Wing Tactical Stike Force
  • Zoe // 8th Wing Tactical Stike Force
  • Roberto Kaldavera // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • Black Sonya // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • Giyrun // 8th Wing Tactical Academy

Promotion to Fleet Rear Admiral [R4]
  • Sael'antharien // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Watt // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force

Promotion to Fleet Brigadier [R5]
  • Joona' // House of the 8th Ja'Duch

Furthermore, the Admiralty of the 8th Wing Fleets is proud to announcement the assignment of the following Fleet Admirals [R6] to their respective fleets.

Fleet Admirals [R6]
  • Godrik@godric // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Risha@qadwex // 8th Wing Tactical Academy
Maou@pendragonjwr / Oct 04, 2017
8th Wing Newsletter

Hello Folks,

An Explanation is due when it comes to the new Colony World holdings.

There will come in the near future the Invasion Simulation system. This Fleet Special Event is provisioned for by way of a holding's project. Leadership will hold off on allowing mid-to-high fleet rank officers from running these events until we have had some discussions with those members that will have that ability. In addition, we can't provision for that until we have full tier 1 on the Colony World holding.

The Colony World Coffers, this is meant to hold those special commodities such as Luxury / Battery / and Ore Provisions. The point being is that they take up a lot of inventory and or bank space. Contributions of these to the Projects or the Coffers will earn you 33 Fleet Credits per 10 of them. Once in the Coffers they could be used to fill projects but will not earn more Fleet Credits in this manner. For the moment this is bugged, donating to projects from the coffers will not account for all those that are donated. So for the now we will restrict this method until they've corrected it.

It seems that for every Tier we rank our Colony World we will shave an hour off the cool-down timers for our projects. With it looking as if it will be about 2 weeks for Tier 1 and perhaps 3-4 more weeks for Tier 2 we will soon see a few useful things come available.

Special Commodities come from two sources: the Mini-games on Colony World and the PVE's. Other holdings have cost us many different materials in the past, but this one will cost us the most in Special Commodities. We are all working up as many reserves of these as possible. They are useful in earning fleet credits, so we encourage you all to do the same.

We hope you are all having a wonderful game.
See you all out there.
8th Wing Leadership
Maou@pendragonjwr / Sep 21, 2017
8th Wing Community Newsletter.

Hello Folks,

Content update expected soon. STO forums are a buzz about the impending Colony Holding's release to the Holodeck Server. This is expected on the 3rd of October.

I've been asked about holdings projects so that our members might earn some fleet credits. Currently we are running Dozens of projects, but you would have to understand Armada Holdings to find them. Now, when the Colony Holdings come to Holodeck you will find that all the fleets will be running those projects as well. However, for the interest of those that have asked...

Your Home Fleet's Holdings is the easiest to find, it's just the button named Holdings at the top of the fleet window. That's Not Armada Holdings, so let us look on the Armada Tab. Here we see the list of fleets in the armada, and to the right of that list is the Overview – Roster – Holdings sub-menu buttons. Here click the Holdings Sub-menu button. When we first click here, the menu shows that it is expanded on the Dilithium Mine holding for the Command Fleet. It's a bug, click the down arrow a couple of times to properly expand the menu. If you don't find a project listed, look on the next holding in the list. Once you've seen all the projects available for the first fleet, on the left choose another fleet. In this way you can see all the holdings projects for all the fleets in the Armada.

After Colony comes to Holodeck, we will have 30 project slots per fleet for a current total of 150 possible projects. We will continue to steer our project selections responsibly with the goal of serving the needs of every member.

We hope this is helpful information on these subjects. Please feel free to reply with further questions or perhaps subjects for future topics.
8th Wing Leadership.
Maou@pendragonjwr / Sep 16, 2017
8th Wing Armada Newsletter

Hello Folks,

Here again with an exciting roll-out of a new holding. Currently on Tribble Test Server, Cryptic is putting the finishing touches on the new Colony World holding. This is a 5 tier holding with a wide range of fleet products for our use. The 8th Wing Armada has been working to develop a fleet for our use for testing purposes. While still under going upgrading it's moving along quickly.

You are invited to join us on Tribble Test server to see if it will have anything that you might want to use for your builds. And as they add new content check out what will happen soon enough on the Main or Holodeck server. There are some steps to take to join us over there.

First, let's get you onto Tribble:
Step One
If you use ARC to load our game just click on your name in the upper left area and select My Profile.
If Not then go to also called
Sign into your account then click on your user name at the top and select My Profile.

Step Two
Next in the My Games area find Star Trek Online, next to it click Character Transfer page.
Here you will select one of your characters and then select Tribble Test Server.
You may be asked to agree to the terms of use to join us on Tribble during one of these steps.

Now load your game to the Game Client Patch screen. Here above the Patch progress bar you will see Server named buttons. Select Tribble and patch in... (Up to 17 gigs)

As it is a Test server if you find a bug or other issue please report it to Cryptic so it will hopefully be corrected.

To join our fleet on Tribble you might want to join our private chat channel as it will cross Fleets, Armada, Factions, Servers, and even some other PW games. This will allow us to find you and send you an invite. Simply ask a leader for an invite to the channel while on the main server.

Have a wonderful game folks.
8th Wing Leadership.
Maou@pendragonjwr / Aug 02, 2017

8th Wing Community Email

Upgrade Bonus Weekend is coming. This is the opportunity that some have been awaiting. Now for the tips that we've learned.

[1] Don't click rapidly and repeatedly. Allow the system time to catch up to what you have done. Each click costs refined Dilithium so keep an eye on your reserves.

[2] The bonus is in Technology points, so it will not add a bonus to your Research points. Meaning that it will accelerate the Mark number, but not the Quality color.

[3] Try to use Superior or higher upgrade techs, these work to limit the amount of Dilithium it will cost over all.

[4] Use Research Boosts when ever you are trying for a higher quality, note that on average it costs about 30,000 Dilithium to climb a quality rank. (Recommend Green or Uncommon quality boosts.)

[5] Not all items are upgrade-able, they will show you what they can and can't do if you attempt to upgrade them and read the panels on the upgrade window.

[6] Unlike boxes that you are attempting to open, it's recommended that you use ESD's equivalent for your faction as the location you are using to cycle your upgrades. Population isn't the point, it's the Home Location.

[7] Use the cheapest form of Superior Upgrades for your consoles. Example: If upgrading a Vulnerability Console, don't use the Beam upgrades use the Cannon upgrades if applicable.

[8] Technology Boosts work on the Mark of the item where as Research Boosts work on the Quality of the item.

[9] While anything you want is usually good enough, it's important to note that fleet gear comes at a Ultra Rare quality. This making it nasty enough, then add marks to it and you should be good.

[10] As always, it's all about what ever the player wants to do. Please have fun.

8th Wing Leadership.
Maou@pendragonjwr / Jul 22, 2017

8th Wing Infomercial

Due to some unforeseen circumstances we have had to address some issues by any means necessary. Currently we've taken some steps that we thought that our members should be informed about.

As a precaution we've restricted recruitment to ranks 3 and above. We've had some disrespectful folks join us and start some trash in chat. Our rules are clear on these subjects. See our site for details, but as one of our rules – leadership may take whatever steps necessary to restore our system of order.

This sort of thing comes and goes over the years. Only on two other times have we restricted recruitment and it's not something we like to do. We plan to leave these settings in this current state for the next week minimum as we discuss what we will do to correct the problem.

**As fair warning, anyone with a nasty attitude will be summarily dismissed. Minor infractions will be warned off the behavior only this once. Usually we would take the member to the side and explain ourselves better, but it's gotten out of hand and will be rectified a.s.a.p.**

Apologies to everyone that is acting properly and trying to just enjoy their game. If you feel that we are in error and that nothing is really wrong, let me ask you. . .

When was the last time someone took the time to answer your questions in chat? When was it that you found team members in the system while the leadership was away?

These examples only show that some are not as they seem to be in our membership. Not everyone is to blame, yet to make corrections we've started with these steps.

I hope you all can understand.
Again, Apologies.
8th Wing Leadership