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8ᵗʰ WING COMMUNITY 🖖 Star Trek Online Fleets
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Welcome to the 8th

We're about Community, Friendship & Good Times

The primary goal of our fleets is to enhance the game play experience of our members; ranging from new player orientation to advanced game mechanics for more experienced players. We welcome all manner of players from Role players to casual players.

We have a strong social emphasis, to help strengthen our community and one another.


Our leadership is clear & structured with doors always open to you. We're here for you.


The endurance & success of the 8th Wing is our open, vibrant, diverse & thriving community from around the globe.

PVE & Adventures

Join your fellow fleetmates on 5, 10 and even 20-player missions across the galaxy.

Games & Good Times

We are a fleet about getting together, making friends & having fun together. We come here to relax & enjoy ourselves, join us!

Helping Hands

Stuck on a mission? The 8th Wing is ready to back your up!

Advice & Discussions

We boast a lively Armada Chat where your fleet mates discuss everything from missions to star trek to gear and more.


With many players playing since launch, we have a wealth of knowledge to share to help advise your game.


The 8th Wing Fleet invests into its community to create leaders and promote community. Join up, take part and see if you have what it takes.

  Shawn: I think that is taken care of now by informing of the Armada channel
  kamira'Ezun@marcustvon#5706: Hello, I'm new to the fleet and I'be been trying to figure out the chat. Read the section that says I need the private invite. I'd appreciate it if someone could help with that. Thanks
  Dra'Ven: Azselendor cant reply to your email in game. Have to wait like 8 hours. .
  Shawn: Elachi Alert Weekend
  Shawn: Promotion Ceremony Weekend, as well as pheonix boxes.
  Godric Bel-Loc: Az, you are a gentleman and a scholar. The updates to the website are be-a-utiful
  Azselendor: Trying to catch you online to invite FieryHalo, I've sent an invite in game, it should appear next time you sign on.
  FieryHalo: So I have been accepted on website, how does my character actually get into the fleet now, need an invite from fleet member? Lamak'kax@IfritLowe is my character.
  K'vrynos: Hello, Armada!
  Helltrooper509: Hi! Since I have been accepted, when does it show up in game?
  scott: Hi everyone I'm back on the website
  Shawn: Hit the mirror!
  Shawn: Most players are getting their event ships, good job
  Shawn: Sector Patrols placed in Forums!
  Shawn: Command Fleets Birthday Bash tomorrow
  Shawn: Upgrade project in place Guardian Colony
  Shawn: First T3 upgrade project placed on Command Colony
  Shawn: Welcome
  Uda: Greetings everyone
  Hawkshade: Got it Roger and Thank You!
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