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8ᵗʰ WING COMMUNITY 🖖 Star Trek Online Fleets
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Vir Advena

Human Tactical
Played by Azselendor
Character History

I won't bore you with details, let's get to business instead.

I'm friendly and looking to make friends. Need help, I'll offer what help I can or send you in the right direction. Need a wingman, let's talk.
Fleet Affiliation

8ᵗʰ Wing Tactical Command


Be Brave

Personal Flagship

USS Monitor NCC-396-C

Personal Flagship Ship Class

Fleet Arbiter Battlecruiser [T6]

Favorite Weapon/Sidearm

Zefram Cochrane Shotgun


Explorer, Completionist

Captain's Date of Birth

June 26th, 1984

Captain's Place of Birth

Todd's Town, USA

Character Based on/Inspired By

From a Novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo Competition