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Romulan Engineer
Played by Azselendor
Character History

You can call me Theo for short and say hello! I'm here to make friends, help out and have a good time. Looking for a fleet? Let's talk.

Why am I so tall?
My character is measured at 7' tall (varies with outfit). A little work and eyeballing against Tom Paris allowed me to calculate roughly where 7ft actually is.

The Ship? The T'Laru?
My favorite ship next to the T6 Battlecruisers, if you own a T'Laru, friend me! Join the exclusive club of T'Laru owners.

T'Laru T6 Intel Dreadnought Warbird Carrier : The Duesenbergs of STO.

Fleet Affiliation

8ᵗʰ Wing Tactical Guardians


For Family, For Home, For Country

Personal Flagship

RRW. She Persisted

Personal Flagship Ship Class

T'Laru Intel Dreadnought Carrier Warbird [T6]

Favorite Weapon/Sidearm

Boolean Heavy Assault Cannon / Vaadwaur Dual Pistols


Carrier, Fun and Games, Explorer, Teacher or Sherpa, Completionist

Captain's Date of Birth

April 11th

Captain's Place of Birth

Asorin City, Laentys

Character Based on/Inspired By

None, From a Novel I wrote for fun