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8ᵗʰ WING COMMUNITY 🖖 Star Trek Online Fleets
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Alien Science
Played by Azselendor
Character History
Hello there.

Until we have an accord, It's Thraig to you. Not Arty, Not Marty. Thraig. You have to earn those from me, so pay attention.

I'm here to make friends, help out and have a good time. Need a fleet? Let's talk. The 8th Wing Fleets have been good to me and filled with a lot of good people and I aim to share that with others.
Fleet Affiliation

House of the 8ᵗʰ Ja'Duch


Watch for me? Here's a hint: I'll be ahead of you

Personal Flagship

IKS Sovereign Qo'Nos

Personal Flagship Ship Class

Fleet Kurak (Mogh) Battlecruiser [T6]

Favorite Weapon/Sidearm

Advanced Herald Antiproton Beam Projector


Healer, Space Wizardry, Explorer, Shipbuilder

Captain's Date of Birth

July 7th, 804de

Captain's Place of Birth


Character Based on/Inspired By

From an entry I made in NaNoWriMo