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8ᵗʰ WING COMMUNITY 🖖 Star Trek Online Fleets
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Vulcan Science
Played by Azselendor
Character History
Vulcan by heart.
Woman in progress.
Explorer for all my life
Lost in Time.
Astronaut is my creed.
Logic is rejected.
Vulcan mythology and heathenry.

But serious, if you're reading this, say hello! I'm friendly and looking to make friends! Need a fleet, Let's talk!
-Cassie :3
Fleet Affiliation

8ᵗʰ Wing Tactical Squadron


I need two extra hands.

Personal Flagship

USS Pioneer, NX 1500

Personal Flagship Ship Class

Pioneer Class Utility Cruiser [T1]

Favorite Weapon/Sidearm

Federation Type 2 Phaser


Support, Healer, Space Wizardry, Fun and Games, Explorer, Teacher or Sherpa, Completionist, Space Glass Cannon

Captain's Date of Birth

March 5

Captain's Place of Birth


Character Based on/Inspired By

From an entry I made in NaNoWriMo