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Ferengi Engineer
Played by Cronoflux
Character History
Born on Bajor, Vex is the child of Zek, a prominant but strange businessman, and Ti'yira Noce, head of household. During the Occupation of Bajor, Vex's Grandfather, Ruug, puchased a small stretch of land outside of the main Cardassian Control Zone in exchage for certain shipping concessions from the Cardassians. Ruug also bought off the Bajoran resistance, by smuggling supplies to them through workers on his farm. It was thus that Ti'yira Noce, a young resistance operative came to hide at Ruug's farm and met Zek.

During the Reformation Period and Dominion War, following the Occupation, Zek and Ti'yira remained close. She taught Zek about spirituality, he taught her about aquisitions. In time the two would become married in the Bajoran tradition and in 2381, they would welcome Vex into the universe.

Raised on the farm among the self-reliant hands, his capable and spiritual mother, as well as his technically trained father, Vex was homeschooled for the most part. Brought up on on practical experience and training versus the stagnant book learning so common in the Federation, Vex quickly learned his way around anything mechanical or electrical. His enrollment in Starfleet served to further his education and experience. However, his time there also served to ruffle the feathers of practically every Flag Officer he ran across.

After years of serving in Starfleet, Captain Vex left the service and put his family connections and training to use forming ScrapTech, a company centered around ruined asset reclamation as he is want to describe it. Now, one of the most expansive independent enterprises, the cornerstone of VexCorp, and with a fleet of ships at his command, Vex is poised to rake in the latinum.

Which seems to puzzle others as to why he seems to show up at the forefront of conflicts. But as Vex likes to say, "gotta go where the salvage is."
Fleet Affiliation

8ᵗʰ Wing Tactical Command


"Gotta go where the salvage is."

Personal Flagship

Final Margins

Personal Flagship Ship Class

D'Kora-Class Marauder

Favorite Weapon/Sidearm

TR-116B Rifle


DPS'er, Support, Tank, Roleplayer, Exchange Ferengi, Fun and Games, Teacher or Sherpa, Shipbuilder

Captain's Date of Birth

Oct 1st

Captain's Place of Birth


Character Based on/Inspired By

No One