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Trill Tactical
Played by Rose
Character History
Oddly born on Earth, her love of galactic exploration first arose after she saw her first ever Galaxy-class starship while still under construction, a sight which combined with the stories of the legendary Enterprise-D commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, fed her dreams for a command of her own. Her goals set, Asuna enlisted into Starfleet Academy as soon as she was able. Now after achieving her career goal of her own command as well as her personal goal of a Galaxy-class Asuna now turns her attention to the needs of the 8th Wing Tactical Fleet.
Fleet Affiliation

8ᵗʰ Wing Tactical Strike Force


"Sometimes the things that matter most are right in front of you."

Personal Flagship

USS M'ret

Personal Flagship Ship Class

Proconsul-Class Delta Explorer (Prometheus chassis)

Favorite Weapon/Sidearm

Na'kuhl Assassin Plasma Blade/Phaser Beam Stun Pistol


Fun and Games

Captain's Date of Birth


Captain's Place of Birth


Character Based on/Inspired By

Asuna Yuuki (SAO)