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#13565335 Dec 12, 2017 at 11:10 AM
Armada Admir...
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Sardah II:

Patrol and engage Nassucians; Patrol around the ring system of the planet. Enemies include Syphon frigates, Destroyer escorts, Talon Battleships. Disruptor damage. Three patrols defeated.

No bonus for patrol completion noted.

Resources noted thus far:
Hexaflourine gas, magnesite ore.

Kassae II:

No patrol offered for Kassae system itself.

Severin II and III:

No patrol offered for Severin II and III.

Cernan II:

Approach and scan the planet. Beam down to Cernan V. One boff allowed to accompany. Scan for wreckage. All wreckage found around the periphery of the indicated mission area. Be sure to use your tricorder to scan if you can't find any pieces. No indigenous sentiments noted. No hostile life forms noted. No animal life noted at all.

Resources noted thus far: Thorium gas.

No bonus xp for completion.

Ayala system:

No patrol offered.

Dace system:

No patrol offered.

This concludes Kassae II sector block report.

Further debreif upon request.
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