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Japori System:

Space combat with Naussicans. Disruptor damage. First wave is a Talon Battleship and a Destroyer Escort. Second, third, and fourth waves are Siphon Frigates with one Destroyer escort. Last wave is mixed, but usually one Destroyer escort and five frigates.

Experience bonuses vary with speed with which mission is completed with anywhere from 6k to 3k specialization and expertise. However the chat box and pop up often disagree with each other with the chat box seeming to have the accurate number which varies between 2.8k and 4k.

65 Romulan marks awarded for first mission completion (just like a Borg or Tholian RA) 10 on subsequent ones with a 30 minute CD.

Differing levels of difficulty will only change the quality of loot given, and the amount of xp given by individual ships, but overall bonus at the end remains unchanged.

Viranat I system:

No patrol offered.

Suliban system:

No patrol offered.

This concludes Japori sector block report.
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