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#13565347 Dec 12, 2017 at 11:16 AM
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Stardate 95505.59, our team arrived in the Kalesta System to scan the terraforming satellites, our scanners detected Gorn energy signatures and weapons emplacements trying to take control of the satelites. We engaged the hostiles and succsefully completed or mission.

Stardate 95505.61, we arrived in the Bavar system to be challenged by a True Way force supported by Alpha Quadrant Jem Hadar. We Destroyed 5 of these groups with minimal casualties.

Stardate 95505.61, our final patrol to the Lahra system gave us some strange biological readings from the western landmass of Kahra Prime. My away team scanned the strange plants and found they were Capellan lilies never been found outside of the Capella system. One thing of interest, sir. Our scans of the area picked up significant amounts of topaline, a mineral that is abundant on Capella IV. It's an important find -- the Federation needs topaline to build new ships.

I have relayed all our findings to Starfleet Command, I hope this report meets with your approval and I would like to recommend my exceptional team for commendations for their professional and diligent work.
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