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Crateris II system:

No patrol offered

New Romulus system:

No patrol offered

Jouret IV system:

No patrol offered

Acamar III system:

Rendezvous with the Acamarian clan leader in space. She explains she wishes mediation between the space-faring clans and the planet-bound clans on in the system. Move to the Acamarian armada and hail the leader of the space clans to begin dialogue. If you give deference to the space-faring clans then a romulan D'Deridex class Warbird and along with a Valdore class will ambush you as they've been the cause of the acrimony in the system. These are easily dispatched, however for newer and more inexperienced Captains these can be difficult as their alpha strikes out of cloak can disable a ship quickly.

If you give deference to the status quo the space-faring Acamarians will fire on you and fight you in one or two waves.

As members of Starfleet it is, of course, preferable to mediate the dispute successfully which gives 2.7k expertise and 2.8k specialization points, however either end to the situation doesn't change the rewards. Also you're given 65 Romulan marks if it's your first daily completion of a patrol in their space, otherwise 10. You also get 480 raw dilithium ore.

I trust my intentional failure to mediate the situation to gain intelligence will be seen as a necessary breech of Starfleet protocol and not reflect badly on my record as a decorated Starfleet officer.

Carraya IV system:

In this patrol we are called upon to defeat a rogue Tal Shiar fleet blocading the planet as the current leader of the Romulan Republic D'Tan has not formally recognized them. The first wave is a D'Deridex Warbird and a heavy Mogai second wave is a heavy Mogai and several T'varo lights, as are the third and fourth waves. The last wave consists of 5 T'varo lights with and occasional scorpion fighter. The rewards are approx 3.7k specialization 3.6k expertise with 60 or 10 Romulan marks depending on if it's your first patrol in their space of the day. Also 480 dilithium.

Crateris II system:

No patrol given

This concludes Azure sector block report.
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