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#13584851 Dec 28, 2017 at 10:32 PM · Edited over 1 year ago
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Yes A "science Ship" without any Science!!!???
Been on the forms complaining about this, I was not greatly concerned until some pug WWF lip service attendant, sorted jumping all over me. So because of the foul of their minds, I decided to really anoint them just because we can, simple pleasures in life!!!

There are way to say things to people! ~ being a dick is not one of them ESP for this day and age!

I got a slap in the face because science being the root of my career and building towards that, took a turn in to a nose dive. The ship is all engineering which is not a bad thing as in my "Science" build I had to add engineering qualities just to survive. So after Ship Mastery was acquired Which grants Hull abilities. It does have some perks as I have a little of both which normally would have to compensate in either build really.

They could have made the ship into an Engineering and Science Vessel in the Mastery sort of like a Hybrid as least it would had some "Science" in there, there Ideal of "Science" perhaps comes from the Universal Deployable Console

The advantage is I have basically two tachyons at work, I usually start off with Tractor Beam, Tachyon Beam,Aceton Beam. The deployable will hit multiple ships, which I like dropping in a turret platform near it as well! It gets attack a lot agro's alot, In the fleet group battles things go a lot faster and being tactful there's usually not enough time as everything get blown up quite fast, it's sort of situational in that regards.plus I like to get with 4 km of deploying usually works best in central location if there is more ships present Usually it hits 5 times for 2k + so 10k of shielding is cycled off the target plus what I'm hitting on top of that.

In my build I'm loading Armor Penetration which counters the enemies 'resistances" if the penetration value is higher you simple do more damage, I trying to do more hull damage after the shields drop, ~ also I have

This Puppy usually strips the remaining shielding off and does a number on the exposed hull, in the ranges of 30-35k, when it is just you and your opponent you can see the big numbers than! The overload torpedo ability does not work for this torpedo it also has some exotic radiation or particles that also get thrown in there as well,

Here is the stats 186 points on the shield drain and 195 points on the exoctic generator which helps the Aceton Beam ability --->

-66.7% Target Energy Weapons Damage for 10 sec.
Deals 1,382.3 radiation damage every second for 10 seconds (Ignores Shields)
Projectiles offline for 4 sec.
It's a good stun and affects bridge officer as well or crew for confusion etc...

Now the points on shield drain does affect the deployable as well now it's hitting for -3,308 per facing, 5 foes at 5km range.
and below is my shield drain for 1,013 points for 10 pulses and ship mastery does healing to allies on the first pulse

Now in the below picture is my tractor beam notice it has -25 resistance to exotic damage as to why I fire the Aceton Beam at the same time

and since were on tractor beams this would be the "mine version" that works well! I'm usually moving slower towards the enemy say 50% throttle, and pass just overhead of the craft and deploy the mines, by than the enemy just starts moving and wham gets caught by the mines it allow me to add more Dot's and boost shielding etc.. and auto fire a torp from the rear while making a upward striff, than downward circle to the side of the ship by than the timers are usually reset, and this will usually this will be the final blow,

The picture below of the Aft torpedo.

Now I took all these Pictures in the space port areas as it's really the only spot your going to get factual results.
It's a good thing to investigate your parts by putting them in and out to see what parts numbers in damages change as well as your skills, as pieces of equipment will influence both sometimes. :)

For the name of Science~!~
#13585097 Dec 29, 2017 at 03:05 AM
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I originally tried for a torp build of 4 transphasic cluster torpedo hopeful to use a a binding key to get them all to launch at the same time, No that does not work!! It's comparable to a fully done tactician ship cause there faster and fire more heavily!! In reality that same time period, from launching a cluster torpedo as they do take time especially if they have chase! Usually my mines are very close. just before the ship blows up! From a tactician being able to get there speedly and firing first with lots of damage. Again for 45 seconds your going to have to find a way to keep out of harm's way. I just like big booms is all :)

Why do they have this world timer attached on top of the cool down timers, you still have to wait for the cool down timers, which the clusters are 45 seconds and when the world timer comes into play having more than one firing is really a waste of a weapons slot like adding another 15 seconds to the next one, in that time frame a good tactician build would have creamed that ship already!!!

The cluster torpedo does not utilize any of the barrage skills for torpedo's or mine skills, it just a slower heavery delivery system for mines.

Now there is another skill that I use gives a 16.3% bonus All Damage kinda gotta count or if you can see the mines "pop" from the torpedo then press the button usually in the next 5 seconds the mines go off, ESP if the target is stuck with tractor beam applied, as there is a small amount of travel before they explode, or if the target is in transit the mines will keep chasing and may use the 30 seconds up! before the bonus can be applied. lol

Also with the mastery ship skill there is another 33% "Against all odds" All Damages for 15 seconds which takes time to accumulate for it to come active, a fair amount of fighting has to occur first!

"Tactile team" skill applies another for energy and projectiles of plus +18 for 10 seconds which I check on the aft torpedo and went up 170 points, now I just tried scattering field and 8092 + tactical team = 8290 points of damage from 7004 ~ 1290 points extra.

Activation of Tactical Team provide bonus of +20 Armor Penetration.

Now since in my previous post I mentioned Hull Penetration ~With the exception of Ablative Generators, there is no way to exceed 75% damage resistance, so it scales down as you try to exceed beyond a nominal amount resistances
This skill improves the damage dealt by your starship weapons by reducing the amount of damage resistance rating your target has. The amount of Hull Penetration you have is directly subtracted from the Damage Resistance Rating of your target when determining how much damage is dealt. Hull Penetration skill provides Armor Penetration to your weapons, which translates into a hull damage resistance rating debuff.

Using an Exotic Damage Bridge Officer ability will provide a bonus to the Hull Penetration skill. This bonus stacks up to 3 times

This is I got from fleet at K-13 ~ 50k of fleet marks and 8k of Dilithium
Console - Engineering - Xenotech Drift Module Mk XII
+31.9 Starship Hull Penetration
+28.3% Flight Turn Rate
Grants a 5% reduction to Specialist Bridge Officer Ability Recharge Times

I'm thinking of putting two Consoles in? the hull penetration is really an added bonus, i'm really after +28.3 flight turn rate, when I added the console in it barely moved the turning rate up
I had to put the other piece in to get it to 14.4 from 12.3 +18.4 I figured 10 points more would be more than enough the 14.4 is fairly close to the turning ratio I wanted.

Current I have 132 hull penetration, so in the end I will have 164 ~ Now I did pull the Console in and out and it's not increasing the weapon damage? so I will end up with 16.4 armour pen.

But not entirely sure how it's applied perhaps its an applied like a debuff against a curve ratio instead of a consistent numbers
I noticed my ship has -15 defence makes me wonder if this is armor pen and the 16.4 would be the right amount to debuff the resistance. so even if you had 25 armor pen vs the -15 defence the extra you had might be nulled out, more does not carry through in damage? Just read where it might be related to speed and accuracy?

Armor Pen is a Stronger variant of Hull Penetration.I.E 250 Hull Pen is equal to 25 Armor Pen

Temporal Threading set = Weapons gain +25 Armor Penetration and 25% Shield Penetration

Again your armour penetration will have a curve where your adding and the ratio just drops off

Again it would be nice to have certain aspects layed out, in a more clarity format as to the meaning of numbers, and influences.

For the name of Science~!~
#13585281 Dec 29, 2017 at 06:24 AM
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Ok after some playing around I found out what is the defence rating, this is your movement speed ~ at full throttle mine is 55 at zero throttle it's -5 Under trait's I added 10 points to defense and also added 10 points to accuracy.
So it's like computer tracking a relationship between you and your opponent, sitting still might as well paint yourself a bullseye on your ship as you gain speed, the computer has to figure "trajectory" in order to hit you, If they have less accuracy there going to miss here and there, now as your moving with accuracy you be able to hit them % wise better while your dogging could be a 2:1 ratio esp if your weapons also have accuracy.

Now in this picture below the is a experience bar which unlocks more bonus, if you have not picked them they will be flashing, I just found them, I might have been shown them earlier but it was a rush job. there for ground abilities as well and your speciation tree :)

The last one has more accuracy and defense that's a triggered ability, the emergency button! lasts for 15 seconds good for escaping while your hanging by a thread!


For the name of Science~!~
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