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#13590390 Jan 02, 2018 at 11:55 PM · Edited over 1 year ago
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This is a Science Vessel :)

It's more of a sporty classy type for a Federation Vessel, It has a attractive amount of nice curves and cuts and is a looker in darker space areas with all the lite windows. It quite a "Big" ship, By looks alone seemly to be an admirals fleet Carrier Vessel one that would be "busy" with Hob Knobbing with world leaders from planets "Senators". It's about 3x the size of a regular Starfleet ship being that it has a crew of 3000.

It has 2 hanger bays, the stock fighters do a fairly good job at picking away with there bombing runs, and keeping the shields down The hanger seems to blend nicely and looks to be "functional" the fighters can stay "tucked" around the body in flight than swarm out.

They do have Two models available one is not up graded and the "fleet" model which is upgraded already, The regular is 2500 Z-coin and the Fleet model is 5 modules 20,000 fleet credits and some exp point thing.
It did not take long for ship mastery either. To upgrade requires and upgrade token which done at the fleet dock as seen in the pic.

Now this ship does turn like a bull dozer, but with some "turn flight" on some parts and it banks fairly well afterwards, your best strategy is forwarded attacks following reversing rather than trying to turn and use that for steering the nose around for the forward beams.

Cropped and enlarged the picture of the card so it's readable! I wanted a little more fire power So I went with the dual plasma banks they Crit out around 3000+ damage when boosted and you get the plasma burns!!
There quick firing to keep pressure on the electrical sub systems, there were not overly priced neither 190k each, in order to find the "good" stuff you actually have to use the search function on the bazar. Now the stats are boosted from being in the proper area of space and on my ship! Now to check your damages use a combat tab with just your stats for easier references and you than can press your boosted abilities than quickly check to see how much the abilities are boosting the damage the objective is to over come the differences of resistances without the shield being an obstacle, And armor plating or hull protections.

Power drain the shields and apply the dot's of anti resistance~ if you have a good amount of
Starship Drain Expertise~236
Starship Exotic Damage~223
Starship Control Expertise~109
13,434 shield on each face= 53,736
yes you will pull one face off but there is a curve of math present still using 53.736 as the main base of shields resistance, now upon using the tachyon beam of 2500 per pulse x 10 is 25.000.
that leaves 28,736 shields left, now dependent on type of shield of 5% or 10% bleed through and as when the weapon fires at the ship is still has to "burn" the shielding off and there will be that bleed through the
shield onto the hull than the resistances of the hull will equal how much damage, the hull receives. now if the ship only had a total of 25000 shields than yes hull is fully exposed!

Also factors variables are at play on the "rule set" as some weapons have a high pass the shield because of exotic particles, I had two battle ships tractor me and hold me and go into my hull with my shields still in tact, but they dropped a bit, now this is because of the exotic particle effect allowing for greater bypassing of the shield effect better equipts than I had. That was my beginner ship which just blew up with the shields still up lol!
Took a lot of testing and buggering around before I got those two battle ships!!

Now a good factoring at getting into the meat of a ship is through the use of exotic particulates as it by-passes shielding know as an exotic generator the ability for a system to generate which is done through the deflector dish and amplify and the Control expertise is the power system which is basically is also an exotic energy type that flows to the equipment that is also done through the deflector dish when you apply dots.
You want to get inside the ship and disrupt the power flow or energize the hull with exotic particles it drops resistances for a time period

Now this is where your DOFF's come into play, known as your duty officer, as you can see she is my deflector dish specialist, you have 5 space and 5 ground specialist's assigned for "focused" duties to aid you for your specialization. Now these are different from Your bridge Officers
Now of coarse this will take time to acquire the one's you want, they also have them listed, I think your allowed to stack of 3 with the same ability

I have 2 Duty Officers one applies a % to having a 2nd and 3rd gravity well, and the Deflector dish specialist buff is also listed., And you can apply a dot that boosts a dot and apply a dot that boosts that dot!! just a matter of figuring out a good way to apply the ability with the dots.
628.7 is the kinetic damage it's listed for, after Appling a dot it boosted up too 733 kinetic damage, with the right Bridge Officer skill abilities this can be boosted up too 5k. Which more than likely is the only thing you can do well as more than likely you had to sacrifice in other areas to achieve it. As you can only really "specialize" in a limited direction, but leave your self vulnerable from other attacks.
Such a "specialized" build will require that you run in a group to cover your weaknesses.as your going to be "stock" in ship settings in other areas.

For the name of Science~!~
#13592374 Jan 04, 2018 at 09:01 AM · Edited over 1 year ago
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I picked this tech up from the Fleet Spire, thank-you shawn for pointing it out.
Nice is the crit severity on it,

I just has a thought of something that would be cool for a fleet to obtain and that would be a like a shipwreck or a testing block, where you can load it up with equips and shoot at it for testing your builds, a gives a loadout screen, they could also make shoot back for testing the shields like a load testing for shield recovery, test you dots etc...
Definite plus for people who love spreadsheets :) I would Imagine a Scientific Model Testing block would be best! Perhaps some fine tuning could also be useful like a few slider bars that allow faster but is slightly weaker or too fast than throws accuracy off, which might require more accuracy and uses a bit more power etc..and perhaps distances as well. nothing crazy ! but something people can get into for tweaking. And where you can add color crystals to change laser colors etc.. And it could fire off drones and your weapons could be tested for accuracy over distance etc...

Next are the Aft weapons the Plasma Beam Array, Plasma Torpedo and one might help the other, as you see it has a small flight delay like a 2% for a 5% speed delay, being puny it problity happen all the time but perhaps will coincide with the Torpedo launcher which I allowed two DOFF's for time reduction,
Mostly I always have an enemy craft B-line it right to my ass, like they know I'm slower. Few Torps running off the AFT ~ here they will do wonders.
I also like the sound of the Torpedo! I'll take the 5% speed delay as network latency, put us on par for a good hit :) At least that my theory~

For the name of Science~!~
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