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In this little segment of new ship porn will cover power and how importance it is in applications,

By Switching from weapons power at 100% to auxiliary at 100% The difference is -453.2 damage taken away from the Cannon

This is a flow regulator it allows power transfer rate by speedily going from power in weapons to power in auxiliary
Measured in seconds, without the flow regulator the difference could be measured in several seconds, it's about options and choices

As some Abilities require Auxiliary Power for there full damages You can also compensate by using a battery allowing one to boost energy for a small time period, or in Engineering skill using different energy abilities

The game is making you pick your fighting style you can't everything and it is all 100%, you have to make choices, you can only lean into a percentage groups.

My next step is to up the quality of the warp core and engines or things that give power to epic and maximize it's potentials when your playing with Crit and Severity the amount of power will add to the multiplications factor.

In my Build right now I'm going to try and play more tactfully by switching power from weapons to aux to shields when necessary, just a matter of retraining my self to switch between power flows to get the achieved desires from my gameplay
For the name of Science~!~
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