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Please note this is using purple doffs but you can use green or blue ones too depending on your budget on if you buy them off exchange or get them from duty packs or duty officer missions.

1. aux to battery bridge officer skill.
This is more of a offense/tanking skill so any science powers will be very weak.
This skill put all your power into weapon, shield and engine power from aux.
If i use this build I will usually have power levels at 100 weapon / 15 shield / 15 engine / 95 aux. I can keep my 2 powers at 15 only due to have many ways to generate power levels via ship gear and doffs.
once aux to bat activates my powers are about 130 weapon / 120 shield / 100 engine/ 0 aux
You can use 2 or 3 technician doffs that reduce cooldown to skills after aux to battery is used.
Those duty officers allow you to use 2 versions of that skills with almost no cooldown and makes all your other skills on lower cooldowns too.
for example aux to bat 3 activates and on 30 sec cooldown. Aux to bat 2 will be on 15 sec cooldown and by the time aux to bat 3 ends aux to bat 2 is ready for almost 100% uptime between them.
Here are links for more info on these skills and doffs.


2. power level technique
This is getting +25 power to all power levels using 2 damage control engineer doffs emergency power variants and 1 warp core engineer subsystem variant.
you can use up to 2 emergency power to subsystem of your choosing to trigger the cooldowns on this power and proc the +25 power levels. It will have prob about 75% uptime if you use the emergency powers as they are ready.
here are some links for the info above.

3. 2 different combos i use when I use the previous power level boost.

A: Shield overload ship trait and Emergency power to shield bridge officer skill.
it gives a good shield hardness boost and damage resist.

B: weapon damage haste and lower weapon cost.
You can use Emergency Weapon Cycle ship trait and Emergency Power to Weapons bridge officer skill.
here are the links for more info.

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