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#13698981 Mar 18, 2018 at 04:59 AM
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Greetings one and all I was looking to open a discussion for some of the R6+ and our Armadas theory crafters of any rank. To the question, "What is your mindset and the meta you use when deciding to load out a ship." There is so much information out there with an overwhelming plethora options, and mechanics. It can be rather interesting when a new player like myself asks the age old questions, what should I do/fly/best in slot/etc. It's often met with a response of "well what do you want to do"

So with that in mind, to our glorious leaders, and more experienced members. "What do you do?" "what's your favorite class and way to fly." "is it just fun, or functional" "What key elements on your ship do you shoot for." "whats your current meta?" "Your ability rotation" "do you use keybinds" and finally and possibly the most important "what are you aiming for to do or change with your current build/loadout"

I enjoyed Rogers post on the 2 types of Doff combos he uses, and had a rather interesting convo last evening with Godric on the mechanics of Crit and how the bonuses stack, between consoles and weapons. This has left me wanting more, and with all the options there is probably some verity between you all. I figure since its a set of questions that probably gets asked several times a week, why not have it here, where others can read and learn as well.

Never Knows Best
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