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#13715374 Mar 30, 2018 at 12:29 PM
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Here is a wrote I found on reddit. I have tested it on Kobali for a little bit. I have not tested it for pve ground ques yet but may work quite well. This would not work as well on Simulation runs though.Here is the Reddit link for this.Reddit Link . Feel free to review and leave any feedback you may have.

The goal of this post is to to first show the basic pieces most can afford and be resilient vs anyone. Second, to share example variations based on career.
The challenge will be once you get used to the build is to find way to counter your own setup.

Base Setup:

[Universal Kit Module - Stabilized Folded-Space Transporter Mk XIV] (placate + lot of crit chance and severity)

[Universal Kit Module - Phasic Shroud Mk XIV]

Personal Ground Trait: Covert (20% Stealth)

A lot of Overboosters

Doff: Biochemist: Reduce recharge time on all stims - overboosters, hypos ect. Rare is affordable.

Idea is to spam phasic shroud and overboosters to get 100& uptime on phasic shroud. Covert gives you enough stealth to be untargetable to anyone w/out cloak detection and have 2k temp hit points up 100% of the time.


Use Ambush for stealth between phasic shroud chaining.

Cryo Visor


Teleport with Cold fusion and/or Exothermic Induction Field (+explosives expert doff)

Cryogenic Stasis Field (Christmas Store)


Intelligence Kit Module combo w/Site-to-Site Ensnare (Intelligence module) into

Cold mines/Flash Freeze Bomb (Christmas Store)

Try it out in private matches w/fleetmates or join the public ques.

As a reminder there is Otha Ground War zone (ground version of Ker'rat) where you might find people to spar with. Don't ever be afraid to pm them to to trade build ideas. Believe or not most people will tell you what they use and share ideas on what to use to beat them.
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