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#13866135 Sep 25, 2018 at 02:15 PM
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Beyond the Doff mission that lets you do an extra 500/day, or trading Zen for it, is there anyway to increase Dil refinement?

I'm already a lifer, so I get 8k a day, but I have over 1million in ore, and like 24k refined.

There has to be a way to speed this up some how?
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#13866209 Sep 25, 2018 at 06:02 PM
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Little can be said that will be taken as a good response to this question. But I'll attempt to explain a bit of what I've found that may be helpful.
Yes the Duty Officer Mission on the Fleet Dilithium Mine is a way to get an extra 500 refined Dilithium, however you noted that you are a Life-time subscription owner so I think that you may need to be informed of the other one.

Go to Starfleet Academy Grounds and head toward the main building, the one with the Bank etc. Just before you enter there is a Duty Officer Mission Starter off to the right of the entrance for Life Timers to use once every other day for an additional 1000 refined Dilithium.

Now using both of those Duty Officer Missions plus your standard Daily Refinement will average out to be 9k per day per character.
This is the Critical point, Per Character. Using multiple characters can each refine up to their max each day.

Here's the tricky part. Pay Close Attention as this can COST you a bundle if completed incorrectly.
For each character that is contributing to your Dilithium Total - Sell their Dilithium on the Dil Exchange for an outrageous price rate Example: High on the Zen Side, Low on the Dil side 1zen to 25dil is the max lowball I think.

Meaning that if you are moving 8k Dilithium you would get 320~ zen which no one would ever buy at that rate.
Once this is in your Offers List, cancel the offer but leave the amount in your Exchange Wallet.
Move to the next Character.
Withdraw the entire amount.
Post an offer for the total amount of Dilithium you have refined for this character. Assuming that you've already been doing this, once you've refined for this character you'll have 16k~...
Repeat the process for the total amount of Dilithium.
Move to the next Character.

Repeat as many times as needed to get all of the refined Dilithium on the character that needs it for purchase or Sale on the Exchange.
Please be aware that it is tricky to get the Dilithium Exchange to work correctly, much less in this manor. Be SURE of each of the rate aspects before you post your offer.
If you foul up and lose your Dilithium or Zen, Cryptic Will Not Do Anything to fix it. Nor can I.

Sorry for the novel.
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