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This list of system patrols will include space or ground battle, and race of enemies if there are any.
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A little bit of Nostalgia

Thought some of us old timers that remembers what real file management was would get a kick out of this.https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/windows-file-manager/9p7vbbbc49rb?=&activetab=pivot%3Areviewstab
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What the 8th Wing Means....

With the 8th turning 5 this month, Maybe we can get a thread going where we talk about what the 8th wing means to each of us as cheesy as that sounds.
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Hello everyone. Great to be added.Is there a discord channel? I have one for the STA RPG. If there isn't one for the fleet, I'd be happy to give an invite to the one I have or we could make a new one.Just wondering.
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PSA: Pause Windows 10 Updates ASAP, file deletion bug in October update.

Per Bleeping Computerthe link contains instructions to pause updates for 60 days while microsoft pulls its head out of its ass
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AFK due to account being hacked

Ok so just under two weeks ago I was offlinee for a few days for some home renovation stuff getting done, on trying to login back in on the sunday night(9). I was surprised to find I couldn't get access to my account so last Monday I started the w...
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Increasing Dil refinement?

Beyond the Doff mission that lets you do an extra 500/day, or trading Zen for it, is there anyway to increase Dil refinement?I'm already a lifer, so I get 8k a day, but I have over 1million in ore, and like 24k refined.There has to be a way to spe...
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We Need a Star Trek Behind the scenes series.

I mean, seriously, that's a whole episode right there and that's not even the juicy stuff.
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Event Ideas

Been in some game groups in the past and something I enjoyed was player run and created events. Depending on the game you could do a number of things. So I figured why not set up a place for that here. Post some idea's and see how they are receive...
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Tips and Tricks for Red Alerts

While I do not think this applies to most or all of our fleet. Considering how helpful and informative we are. I still feel the need to post this out of my own experience with nonfleeties and for any future additions to our fleet. As it will be he...
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Fix my mess....lol

Trying to figure out the best way I can increase damage, and become worthy on the ground as well (I tend to die during away missions at least once per mission)
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Interesting ground builds for all classes.

Here is a wrote I found on reddit. I have tested it on Kobali for a little bit. I have not tested it for pve ground ques yet but may work quite well. This would not work as well on Simulation runs though.Here is the Reddit link for this.Reddit Lin...
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Mindset and meta for your build.

Greetings one and all I was looking to open a discussion for some of the R6+ and our Armadas theory crafters of any rank. To the question, "What is your mindset and the meta you use when deciding to load out a ship." There is so much information o...
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Some fav ship combos I use depending on build.

Please note this is using purple doffs but you can use green or blue ones too depending on your budget on if you buy them off exchange or get them from duty packs or duty officer missions.1. aux to battery bridge officer skill. This is more of a ...
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loking for advice on making EC

Hi guys I'm trying to save for a walker class light crusier so far ive saved 50 mill and I'm looking at ways to make the other 200 mill with out selling my spleen any suggestions or coments would be helpful as I'm a bit useless at making money in ...
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Deep Space 9 station ~trader~

There is a frengi trader in a cafƩ working on a panel, and trades in the Tulaberries, Ferasan Nepeta leaves, Unrefined Ketracel White the harder to come stuff you need for crafting chains
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Fleet Reserch LAB

Today were visiting The Fleet Research LAB This the duty officer for giving out the daily mission, which is quick to do.And there here is our "guy" for opening and starting your crafting of R&D, which you lvl up, best to do Engineering and Sci...
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~The Ships Power and You~

In this little segment of new ship porn will cover power and how importance it is in applications,By Switching from weapons power at 100% to auxiliary at 100% The difference is -453.2 damage taken away from the Cannon This is a flow regulator it a...
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New Ship ~ Science Porn! Cover your Eye Lids!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I just can't help myself, another Science Vessel!! The Jupiter Carrier is the first of its kind to be built by Starfleet Engineering. It was designed to serve as a mobile fighter launching platform with durability and fleet support in mind. B...
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Gravity Wells

I just started playing with Gravity wells just the other day and I came across a Voth Ship, in a group that was by one of the towers at the Dyson Sphere battlegrounds, anyway I just trying to pick off one or two from the group, put the odds in my ...
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New Shippy "Caitian Atrox Carrrier" ~ DarkWhisper ~

This is a Science Vessel :) It's more of a sporty classy type for a Federation Vessel, It has a attractive amount of nice curves and cuts and is a looker in darker space areas with all the lite windows. It quite a "Big" ship, By looks alone seeml...
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