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This list of system patrols will include space or ground battle, and race of enemies if there are any.
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New Ship ~ Science Command Battle Cruiser ~Without the "Science"

Yes A "science Ship" without any Science!!!??? Been on the forms complaining about this, I was not greatly concerned until some pug WWF lip service attendant, sorted jumping all over me. So because of the foul of their minds, I decided to really a...
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General Discussions

Ship Build Science

Just some parts that I have so far, The hardest parts to get are good warp cores, engines, concoles at lower lvl as there is not mission types that have sets from what I gathered so far, untill you get to LVL 40.Unless some one else knows of locat...
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General Discussions

Torpedo Types

I figured i would post this for general discussion for our members. My question is: what is the importance of matching torpedo types? For example, 2 plasma, or quantum, ect. I know for energy weapons it is best to match energy types, but that is m...
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