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Azselendor / May 20, 2018

Hello everyone, thank you for taking time out from busy marks weekend, I'll make this as short as I can, and still give due credit to all. Roster Maintinance was completed last night, we still have 712 active individual Accounts in our system, we are still very strong, thank you all. Everyone bit of recruitment effort is very much appriciated.

Our colonies are climbing their way to Tier 5, Command about 65ish days away at this point.

In about 1 Week, I'll be opening Academy fleet to officers for open operation of that fleet, which means it will become an active, recruiting fleet.

We are moving in the correct direction

Promotion to Fleet Commander [R2]
  • Anna // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Hitakashi // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Jeffersen // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Utopar // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Sin-Urartu Lagash // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • Amon // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians

Promotion to Fleet Captain [R3]
  • Katharina // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Rakkan // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Bina'nanra // 8th Wing Tactical Rangers
  • Kippers // 8th Wing Tactical Rangers
  • Ressha // 8th Wing Tactical Rangers
  • Scully // 8th Wing Tactical Rangers

Promotion to Rear Admiral / Officer [R4]
  • Theryn // 8th Wing Tactical Command

Promotion to Vice Admiral / Brigadier [R5]
  • Asuna // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Hails66 // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Talia // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • K'vrynos // 8th Wing Tactical Acaemdy
  • Mccfresh // 8th Wing Tactical Acaemdy
  • Thylel Pall // 8th Wing Tactical Acaemdy
Maou@pendragonjwr / May 03, 2018
Let's take a brief walk down memory lane. Back in the day it was hyper-critical that we unlock our energy credits cap, at that time 10 million E.C. Now they've changed the free to play level of the cap to 15 million, and upgraded the max cap to 2 billion. Most items placed on the exchange have fluctuated to reflect this. So our strategies on the subjects of what do I really need when and if I get some Zen have changed to fit our opinions as well as others and their similar sentiment.

Today, it was announced by Ambassador Kael, that cryptic sees the need to change the subscription services. Specifically that cryptic will no longer have a Monthly version of subscription.

Critical Notes:
Life-timers will not be effected.
Current Monthly subscription holders will not be effected.
Monthly Stipend will not end.
If you cancel your monthly and drop down to Free to Play, aka Silver status your game will not change, but you will not get your monthly stipend.

Recently, in open discussion on TS3, the subjects of E.C. Cap unlock, Account Bank, and Monthly Subscription as well as their inter-relation has come up. At this point I'm attempting to make a correction to our collective thought process. It should probably be said that if a player wants to play more than one character and have that intent, we should highly recommend the new "Elite Starter Pack" ... 1500 Zen.

This will come with:
Account Level
  • One new Character Slot
  • 20 Account Bank Slots
  • 5 Captain Retrain Tokens
  • E.C. Cap unlock

Once the initial product is purchased, a new product will appear called Elite Starter Pack Reclaim. This can be claimed once per character and unlocks:
  • 30 Inventory Slots
  • 60 Bank Slots
  • 2 Bridge Officer Slots

Please do feel free to do your own research on the above link to Ambassador Kael's original article. But I do feel that this small maneuver has added a great deal of value to the purchasing power of 1500 Zen, instead of what we used to get for a single month's subscription costs. Personally, I even see value enough to buy it myself as it's a one time cost and grants some benefits to my already life-timer account.

Do feel free to leave a comment, discuss on forums, chat on TS3, or in game on these subjects.
I'd love to hear your personal opinions on these matters.
Good Day to all of you folks.
Maou@pendragonjwr / Apr 24, 2018
Saturday's Promotion Ceremony...
On a monthly basis we take time to recognize members that have been more than just present during the past month. Those that attempt to join in on the social aspect of our game, within our fleet system. Taking the time to ask questions, answer questions, respond to the call for help, or just joining in on team efforts can earn the attention of leadership. After the consideration of leadership on these members, we recognize their efforts with a Promotion to their fleet ranks.

Promoted to Commander
  • Stormrage@strong1975
Promoted to Captain
  • T'Laena@ncdoc
Promoted to Rear Admiral
  • nicknack@John_Spartan

Promoted to Commander
  • T'Pennu@vaiotest#9064
  • Jorez@stardog37
Promoted to Captain
  • Richand Sev@youtubesevroks
Promoted to Rear Admiral
  • Chester@sloemoe74
  • Talia@nova73#7821

Strike Force:
Promoted to Commander
  • Natascha@nykett76
Promoted to Captain
  • Patrick Collum@theeffect#7580
  • Titus@jensoku#8859
Promoted to Rear Admiral
  • Tiredel@tiredel#9768
  • Asuna@chris0mega#6783
  • hails66@hails#4397

Promoted to Commander
  • Ozric@sprawlfx
  • Teddy@fidget63#6179
  • BagPuss@mushoom
Promoted to Captain
  • HUBBY@scottwragg
  • Mars@defiantalfa#0897
  • Nivek@mrblight#5856
  • Nova@zax1981
  • Odrade@odiesagooddog
Promoted to Rear Admiral
  • Seidr@sammijo#3764
  • Jared@mikvik#6505

Congratulations to each of you on a game well played. Your efforts to help one another, learn for yourselves, and just to keep the chat clean and in motion have greatly contributed to our over all goals. Making our fleet system a group that you, yourselves wish to participate in has always been a driving instinct of our leadership. As a General Order we are all required to enjoy ourselves and you all have made it fun for our leaders, we hope that each of you are having a blast.

For more information on criteria of promotion please feel free to visit our Ranks Page.

Semi-Side-Note as this is sort of along those same lines as above. During the Winter and Summer Events, Leadership sets aside a day that we hold a System Review meeting. With the advent of new content usually coming near those times we use such a meeting to "Edit" our system. Translation: we look at any and all aspects of our fleet system trying to see if there are any changes needed once every six months. This is not to say that suggestions are unwelcome during the rest of the year. However, If you have any ideas, suggestions, issues, etc... Reach out to a leader and chat on that subject. We never know what's on your mind until you attempt to voice it. As this Summer event is sure to bring with it higher levels of recruitment, interesting game developments, and possible need of changes... We will reach out to all members to join us for some chats on system politics, structure, rules, and the like. After which the leaders will discuss our findings and try to reach a consensus on these subjects.

So, as you can see. The system is what we all make of it. These members we've recognized and promoted are future system Admiralty. Our voices of the system if you will. Step up to the position you wish to participate in. Build the system you wish to participate in.

Wonderful as always chatting with you folks. Feel free to drop a line anytime.
Azselendor / Feb 18, 2018

A special congratulations to the 8th Wing Fleets and all of its members. Today we announce the promotions and recognition of our members for their service to community and friendship.

Promotion to Fleet Commander [R2]
  • Clover // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Myerson // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • R_A_Y_E_N // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Dean McGyver // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Jefferson // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Vaarak // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Christine // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • Livia // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • Seren // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • Korben // 8th Wing Tactical Rangers
  • Twink // 8th Wing Tactical Rangers
  • Wesley // 8th Wing Tactical Rangers

Promotion to Fleet Captain [R3]
  • Andy // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Avere // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Kalendra // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Ryllia // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • T'Luri // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • T'Sair // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Thylel Pall // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Vaughn // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • hails66 // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • LolzTheVulcanPancake // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Valeria // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Arrella // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • Sagitaris // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • Talia // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • Zaalb // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • Jak Cawdor // 8th Wing Tactical Rangers
  • Nukeblast // 8th Wing Tactical Rangers

Promotion to Rear Admiral / Officer [R4]
  • McPherson // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • Lioness // 8th Wing Tactical Rangers
  • Sleestak // House of the 8th Ja'Duch

Promotion to Vice Admiral / Brigadier [R5]
  • T'Riot // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Vixi // House of the 8th Ja'Duch
  • Kost // House of the 8th Ja'Duch

Promotion to Fleet Admiral [R6]
  • smokey-frog // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Roger Smith // 8th Wing Tactical Rangers
Azselendor / Jan 21, 2018

A special congratulations to the 8th Wing Fleets and all of its members. Today we announce the promotions and recognition of our members for their service to community and friendship.

[1/20 4:03-4:16p]
alright, I am now going to begin the Ceremony, thank you all for your time.

We had our Winter Administration meeting a while ago
We have decided no new fleets will be created in our system
We also decided no foreign fleets will be invited to our system, no new fleets for us simply for the dilithium sink
No new invited fleets because in our experience outsiders bring drama, and I am very proud to say you all do an outstanding job at extinguishing that at the first sight that chat might be heading in that direction.

I also want to mention that we will be continuing to train for the Colony invasion simulations where we could get a lot of provisions for the simulations if we complete all 30 rounds keeping all shield generators alive all members of the map will be rewarded 2,100 of EACH provision type this amount tears up the mini game totals vs. time

We also discussed and think it's a great idea submitted by one of our members to specify on one PvE a week and get every participating member to understand how it is ran, and how to reach the objective I'll be starting that aspect this coming week, well in 2 days on Monday.

Yes build/character developement discussion may arise in armada chat, if it gets too specific, please team up and take it to team chat as all of you know, ship building is an extremely opinionated topic.

I would like to see a bit more activity on our website here
This has forums where we could use it for build discussions, and using the windows "snipping tool" in game to take a picture of our builds to post in the media section
If you have questions concerning the website @Azselendor has all that information

We also use TeamSpeak for faster information transfer, optional of course.

Now down to the business you are all here for

Promotion to Fleet Commander [R2]
  • T'Luri // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Chad // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Shrinex // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • Vorok // 8th Wing Tactical Rangers

Promotion to Fleet Captain [R3]
  • Arir // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Chastity // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Jack O'Neil // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • K'vrynos // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Katherine // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Keplow // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Kurt // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • T'Jaena // 8th Wing Tactical Command
  • Asuna // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • NERO // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Vini // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Zaraki // 8th Wing Tactical Strike Force
  • Dama // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • FireBlood // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • Headhunter // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • Paola // 8th Wing Tactical Guardians
  • Lady Meritus // 8th Wing Tactical Rangers
  • Mercury Nexus Eidsmore // 8th Wing Tactical

Promotion to Fleet Rear Admiral [R4]
  • Vex // 8th Wing Tactical Rangers
Shawn / Jan 07, 2018
: : : : 8TH Wing Armada : : : :
I encourage anyone whom is after fleet credits to contribute to the armada. This is done through the fleetpage crtl+g, Armada tab. Helping fleets is a part of what complete fleets should be doing, it is not the job of a single member to contribute a load of dilithium into a fleet project, but if we all contribute small amounts. With our numbers of members we should knock out any project swiftly, as well as add to our fleet credits to purchase fleet gear.
We help everyone rank up within our fleet, if you are interested in fleet responsibilities please reply to this mail. We promote within the fleet due to game knowledge and being respectfull to others, as well as helpfull and active within chat. Our goal has always been to simply enjoy the game in whichever aspect that is for YOU, our members making sure everyone enjoys it to the fullest of their potential.
We have discussed a few topics in our six month review of our system, and the changes we will try to apply are as follows:
> We are going to focus more on the que teaching aspect. May even focus on a single que for a week, this way everyone by the end of the week should know that que inside out, how to reach all objectives successfully for the most rewards from each que.
> We will attempt to send more fleet mails about our system events, and up coming game events.
> We did talk about many more topics, although nothing else major is changing, no new fleets being created in our system, and no foreign fleets being invited to the system.
Saturday the 20th is our Promotion Ceremony, everyone is welcome to join in this festive activity. This event is posted in your fleet page events tab. We will be promoting members into high fleet ranks, as well as giving away some items. If there are any questions, suggestions or comments please reply to this mail.

Maou@pendragonjwr / Dec 25, 2017
Bridge Officers

All bridge officers can learn all skills for their career class as well as can be qualified for any and all specializations and all of those skills.

The question then becomes how to select our bridge officers. To assist in survive-ability let's discuss the fact that bridge officers also have Traits. Pointedly you would want your away team members to have nothing but ground traits, however for your Bridge Stations...

Space Traits? For Bridge Officers? YES. These are rare and NEEDED. You will find that the list is short but depending on your build, vital.

Take the Hierarchy Officer from “The Delta Quadrant (story arc) Episode: Alliances” He comes with two space traits – Efficient and Pirate, Both worth the effort to get him.

Efficient - Provides a bonus to efficiency stats, improving the effectiveness of many of your power management.

Leadership - 20% faster subsystem and hull repair (Humans)

Pirate - Improves all damage dealt (Nausicaan Male Engineer)

Subterfuge - Increases damage after leaving cloak. (Romulan)

Impatient - Increases power recharge speed by 5% (Lobi)

Temporal Applied: *Sci *Tac *Eng - +10% Power recharge speed for bridge officer abilities. (stacks 3 times from different active officers of same career) (Fleet Research Lab)

Infiltrator - Increases the duration of the damage buff after decloaking. (Reman)

Romulan Operative - Increases critical hit chance / severity (Fleet Embassy)

Salvage Specialist - When attacking targets that are below 25% Hull, 5% chance: Receive random R&D material. (Lobi)

This list while incomplete is meant to give you a broader picture of what you want. Please feel free to ask questions or do your own research into these matters.

Happy Holidays from the 8th Wing Admiralty.

Research Site Address :