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8th Wing Tactical Fleets

01 // Fleet Charter

We come together to form a more perfect community in which we leave behind illogical and ill-rational behavior. Through discourse of democracy we strive to create the community we all want to take part within. Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.

01A // Playful Directives

  1. Prime Directive - Play as you please, it is your game and you are required to make it so.
  2. Alpha Directive - Build up your characters to the top level as it's the only way to fully open the game for you.
  3. Beta Directive - If in doubt, ask questions as we've rarely encountered an individual that understands every detail of our game.
  4. Gamma Directive - Join us on Discord where we hang out, run missions, chat and go into the deeper details of the game.

01B // Playful Regulations

  1. Regulation 101 - Acquire some ship's equipment that fit your game play style, do so at a low mark but high quality. As you increase in grade, upgrade your equipment to your highest useable mark. This will make you as lethal as possible and leads to a chance of the highest quality of epic for some of your equipment.
  2. Regulation 202 - Play all storyline content as it will lead you to the PVE systems as well as earn you more than enough equipment to play with.
  3. Regulation 303 - Once you earn grade 50 and the Reputation system opens for you, begin earning all the marks you can for each of the Reputations. It's not necessarily the equipment that you want, it's the Traits.
  4. Regulation 404 - Get as many of the Starship Traits as you can from: the Specializations Tree, Event Tier 6 Ships, and if you are willing Zen Tier 6 Ships.
  5. Regulation 505 - Get as many races of Bridge Officers that come with Space Traits as you can, these are very helpful passive traits.

02 // Recruiting Captains

All members of the 8th are encouraged to recruit anyone they wish. You could invite another of your own characters if you use the fleet roster window's invite button. All players of the game deserve a home that has helpful members, we aim to give them that home. During your normal game play, look for players that need a fleet and speak to them, offer them an invite if they wish. If you have more than one character in our Armada, it's suggested that you spread them out to the other fleets of the Armada.

02A // Ranks & Promotions

The 8th Wing Tactical Fleets promote and rank players on individual and group participation, merit and community.

  • This occurs during a special promotion ceremony that is held once a month or as needed as decided by admiralty.
  • Ranks, titles and responsibilities will also be set for by the admiralty and presented via the Rank Page.

02B // Fleet & Armada Recruitment

The 8th Wing Tactical Fleets is an Armada that prides itself on creating and maintaining a healthy, active and vibrant community for our captains. For a new Fleet to join our Armada, we have set forth a set of mandatory rules and requirements to ensure this level of quality and exclusivity is maintained.

  • At this time, the 8th Wing Tactical Fleets is not recruiting fleets to join our Armada.

03 // Activity & Attendance

We are a large and active Armada with nearly a thousand active players per month. We are also active recruiters and grow our fleet system daily. To prevent the fleet system from filling with inactive players, we routinely maintain our rosters for the health of the community as a whole.

  1. We ask that all Players Play at least once every 30 days. This is used to maintain in fleet roster, if you find yourself removed from your fleet, reach out to any member for a fleet invite to return.
  2. Members with more than 500,000 in contributions to their home fleet are afforded an extra 30 days.
  3. Members with fleet rank higher than rank 2 are demoted instead of removal at the 30 day mark, one demotion per rank.
  4. Members can place themselves on leave of absence by typing the word Leave in their member comments on fleet roster, followed by an explanation.
  5. Members can request a higher level of leave of absence by speaking to an officer in their fleet, said officer can place on leave by typing the word Leave in that member's officer comments on fleet roster, followed by an explanation or note.
  6. We are aware many members of our fleet system are also active-duty military or have real life obligations that comes first. Reach out to leadership in game and make yourself known so we can note our rosters accordingly.
  7. Members can be excused by executive order by a top brass officer with the word exempt in their officer comments, followed by an explanation.
  8. Leave of absence will bypass the auto roster maintenance cycle until manually reviewed by @pendragonjwr at which time the explanations will be evaluated.

04 // Conduct in Chat

Maintain Civil tones during all conversations as this is only a game and we don't want any ugly attitudes in our systems.

Fleet, Armada and Fleet-Run Channels are family friendly, supportive and safe environments where we can all play and enjoy the game. Our player base consists of people of all ages, races, lifestyles, gender, creeds and nationalities. All Fleet Members are expected to maintain and help maintain this environment.

Players who disrespect this are subject to Dismissal from all aspects of the Armada.

04A // In-Game Text or Voice Chat

  1. Refrain from spamming the chat or dominating the chat channels. (ie. DPS Logs, Vanity, and Gibberish) We all have questions to ask, things to report, victories to declare and people to help.
  2. As a general rule, given the depth and debate of Starship & Captain Builds, we ask all members take in-depth build discussions into private or team chats. We do not want an argument in Game Chat
  3. On Profanity // The game has an internal profanity (swearing) filter. This can be deactivated or left on in game (on by default), but DO NOT attempt to circumvent it as Cryptic is known to delete accounts of players that do so.
  4. Armada and Fleet Chat Channels are not Zone Chat. Please respect it and your fellow fleet mates as such and keep our community free of the silliness of Zone.

04B // Discord

For team speak settings, visit the Discord Page!

  1. Refrain from spamming the chat or dominating the chat channels. (ie. DPS Logs, Vanity, and Gibberish) We all have questions to ask, things to report, victories to declare and people to help.
  2. As a general rule, since it is a debatable topic, being civil in chat also includes build conversations. Any conversation in which you would possible tell a member to get something should be held in private chatroom. We do not want an argument in Discord.
  3. Civil tones rule are also in effect on our team speak. Please respect it and your fellow fleet mates as such.
  4. Voice Changers and/or Sound Board Spam are grounds for dismissal from team speak.

05 // Your Leadership

Members of Fleet Rank 7 have put in a lot of time and effort to maintain and build the system in which we all enjoy membership. These leaders have known one another for years. The short and sweet of it is that if one deems it necessary to remove a member due to behavior or otherwise, so be it. If you find yourself pulled to the side by a Fleet Leader, consider their point of view and try to understand that if they are asking you to do, or not do something. We do this for your benefit and there are few options at our disposal for resolution.. They are required by our standing rules to limit drama and or troll like behavior. They can and will remove you.

  • @bdcdiesel
  • @akbaik
  • @spriggan45
  • @azselendor
  • @godric#2599
  • @pendragonjwr

We all consider ourselves Equal and will back one another's decisions. We come together often, but once every six months, during the summer and winter events, we re-evaluate our system to see if any changes are needed. Any member may make suggestions or give other forms of feedback to this process. Reach out to your leaders today and have a chat if you'd like.

06 // Disciplinary Actions

  • Warning - If found in violation of our rules, not Directives or Regulations, you will be warned of the behavior by a Leader or Officer.
  • Review - If you persist in violations you may find your behavior reviewed by the leadership of our system and action taken accordingly.
  • Dismissal - If your behavior is particularly disrespectful or unfit for our game, you may find yourself summarily dismissed from our fleet.
  • Exile - The Leadership having found that there is no choice to correct your behavior may exile you from our system.

Omega Directive - The Leadership of our system, during times of crisis or change, may take any and all necessary steps needed to restore our community to peace and order.

"To all mankind -- may we never find space so vast, planets so cold, heart and mind so empty that we cannot fill them with love and warmth."
Garth, [Dagger of the Mind]