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(Mar 23, 2019)
Happy birthday AKtone!
(Mar 16, 2019)
Promotion Ceremony on the 23rd, next Saturday
(Mar 02, 2019)
Come join the festivities
(Feb 16, 2019)
Promotion Ceremony Today!
(Feb 01, 2019)
"If you're telling me this ship can skip across the cosmos on a highway made of mushrooms, I kind of have to go on faith." Christopher Pike, New Eden
(Jan 01, 2019)
Happy New Year All !
(Dec 25, 2018)
Merry Christmas to the 8th Wing!
(Dec 25, 2018)
Merry Christmas all
(Nov 17, 2018)
8Th Wing Anniversary Event on November 23rd, and last through the weekend
(Oct 15, 2018)
Sorry to hear it . hope the fixes will not be too expensive K'vrynos.
(Oct 15, 2018)
Hey. Fried my pc. Won't post. This old pc here can't load the game. I will be back online as soon as I can. Have fun, all.
(Aug 17, 2018)
I think that is taken care of now by informing of the Armada channel
(Aug 16, 2018)
Hello, I'm new to the fleet and I'be been trying to figure out the chat. Read the section that says I need the private invite. I'd appreciate it if someone could help with that. Thanks
(Aug 10, 2018)
Azselendor cant reply to your email in game. Have to wait like 8 hours. .
(Aug 02, 2018)
Elachi Alert Weekend
(Jul 19, 2018)
Promotion Ceremony Weekend, as well as pheonix boxes.
(Jun 19, 2018)
Az, you are a gentleman and a scholar. The updates to the website are be-a-utiful
(Jun 16, 2018)
Trying to catch you online to invite FieryHalo, I've sent an invite in game, it should appear next time you sign on.
(Jun 16, 2018)
So I have been accepted on website, how does my character actually get into the fleet now, need an invite from fleet member? Lamak'kax@IfritLowe is my character.
(Jun 03, 2018)
Hello, Armada!