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(Jun 18, 2017)
Just wanted to say, Best Fleet in the 'Verse
(Jun 06, 2017)
No worries Morgan, take care of yourself and we'll be here waiting for you! Hope you get better soon!
(Jun 03, 2017)
Guys sorry I'm gone had to sell my ox due to clinical reasons probably be next year before I'm vack
(May 15, 2017)
nice new web setup
(May 11, 2017)
WOOOOOOO! UPGRADE WEEKEND!!! This weekend come just at the right time, as my newest toon is close to lvl 50, so I hope to outfit him with all shiny new gear. I hope everyone else enjoys the weekend event
(Apr 18, 2017)
I would like to thank all the officers for all the behind the scenes work they are doing.
(Apr 09, 2017)
Promotion Ceremony on the 22nd of April
(Feb 09, 2017)
Everyone enjoy the upgrade weekend that starts today, and ends monday morning!
(Feb 08, 2017)
Everyone enjoy yourselves, and Help each other, our system in a nutshell
(Feb 06, 2017)
Hello all :)
(Jan 28, 2017)
Everyone enjoy the new Content!
(Oct 17, 2016)
The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I am very much alive. Hello all, thinking about you. I'll see you all as soon as I can. Until then good luck and LLAP!
(Oct 11, 2016)
it's better to dead and cool, than alive and uncool! ~ Harley Davidson
(Sep 16, 2016)
And my underwear, but as I was a Kid I didn't think it mattered...
(Sep 15, 2016)
Has anyone ever, Washed thier feet with thier socks on ?
(Sep 14, 2016)
Its better to look good dying than to look ugly killing...SPACE BARBIE ALL THE WAY
(Sep 11, 2016)
Everyone Vote >Meeting in a Box< - https://goo.gl/forms/JdSNPyWfeoZH4YIf2 - Voting Ends on the last day of September.
(Sep 08, 2016)
im viaing for a keldon class